Oracle Engineering:

Implementing Oracle is time consuming because there is no published standard of delivery and there are way too many products in the portfolio. In most Oracle projects, you will likely find yourself in one of two places;

A. I have one or more Oracle's ERP systems (11i,12, J.D.Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc) and i'm looking for significant ROI (Return on Investment)

B. I need to build (or already have,) a custom application utilizing Core Technology products (OC4J, Fusion Middleware, Portal, SSO/OID.)

In either case you still need to plan for maintaining an infrastructure/platform reliable enough to be considered as predictable and permanent as the electricity or rent.

You can lower risk in your Oracle Project by utilizing tested components, services and configurations in your solution, most of the code you need has already been written and tested, the configurations are well documented.

The menu on the right is useful for thinking about components, services and configurations that are reusable in any Oracle Project. Our experts will implement them in a way that aligns with the aims of your current project.